Always check with venue for up to date information.

Friday 17 August 2007
2 Out Of 3, Albion Road WMC, Rotherham
Black Rising, Sturdy Lads, Monk Bretton
Desilver, The Ship, Royston
One Fat Spider, Spencer's Arms, Barugh Green
Optic Nerve, The Lion, Castleford
Rock Legacy, The Mallard, Doncaster
StageFright, Lane Top WMC, Sheffield
Storm, Ashfield WMC, Kendray
The Bazooka Band, New Inn, Sheffield
The Trees, Crimea Tavern, Castleford
Touch of Evil, SNAFU Bar, Rotherham
Vamp, Bellhouse Road WMC, Shiregreen
Yorkshire Rock & Bike Show, Squires Coffee Bar, Leeds

Saturday 18 August 2007
2 Out Of 3, Wheatley WMC, Doncaster
Alcatraz, Eastwood View WMC, Rotherham (remember clubcards)
Blitz, The Lion, Castleford cancelled

Broken Angel, The Ship, Royston
Elvis, Polish Club, Pogmoor
Gun Law, Crimea Tavern, Castleford
Mr Chief, Klondyke WMC, Royston
Power & Soul, Ashfield WMC, Kendray
Rock Legacy, The Innings, Worksop (change of band)
Soul Story, Barnsley Trades, Barnsley
StageFright, RUSKINS FESTIVAL, Sheffield
Storyteller's Night, Bellhouse Road WMC, Shiregreen
The Unforgiven, The Wharncliffe, Firth Park
Vamp, SNAFU Bar, Rotherham
Yorkshire Rock & Bike Show, Squires Coffee Bar, Leeds

Sunday 19 August 2007
Danny Tetley, Barnsley Trades, Barnsley
Dionne Andre's Absolute 80s, Barnsley East Dene WMC, Barnsley
Foxx, Bellhouse Road WMC, Shiregreen
Green Mac, The Lion, Castleford (5pm)
Guns & Oatcakes, Farm Road Sports & Social Club, Barnsley

Rock Legacy, New Mason's Arms, Mexborough (5pm)
Steeler, Crimea Tavern, Castleford (7pm)
Tony Liddle Band, Barnsley East Dene WMC, Barnsley
While She Sleeps, The Grapes, Sheffield

Wednesday 22 August 2007
2 Out Of 3, Lady Balk Social Club, Pontefract
The Rakkiteers, Dirty O'Dwyers, Barnsley

Thursday 23 August 2007
Bad Boys, Chicago Rock Cafe, Barnsley

Friday 24 August 2007
Dufflecoat, Crimea Tavern, Castleford

Jagged Edge, Barnsley Trades, Barnsley
Magnificent 7, The Lion, Castleford
Sour Mash, Bellhouse Road WMC, Shiregreen (change of band)

Storyteller's Night, Union Jack Club (Old Comrades), Goldthorpe
The Brew, SNAFU Bar, Rotherham
The Harley Davison Bikers' Rally, Baildon

The Manhattans, Farm Road Sports & Social Club, Barnsley
Three, Ashfield WMC, Kendray
TopGun, Rockaholics, Hoyland

Saturday 25 August 2007
Billy Black Band, Ashfield WMC, Kendray
Rising, Crimea Tavern, Castleford

Do$ch, New Barrack Tavern, Sheffield (+ Fade2Black)
Harry Coffey Band, The Ship, Royston

Infinity, Farm Road Sports & Social Club, Barnsley
Livewire, Birdwell WMC, Barnsley (tickets £6)
Sour Mash, Renishaw MWC, Renishaw
Spunksters, The Fleur de Lys, Sheffield
StageFright, Klondyke WMC, Royston
Steeler, Barnsley Trades, Barnsley
Steve Milton Band, SNAFU Bar, Rotherham
Storyteller's Night, Handsworth WMC, Handsworth
The Rakkiteers, Bellhouse Road WMC, Shiregreen
The Tourettes, The Lion, Castleford
TopGun, East Herringthorpe Sports & Social Club, Rotherham

Sunday 26 August 2007
Bluenotes, Barnsley East Dene WMC, Barnsley
COWSTOCK, The Brown Cow, Bingley
Dee Dowling Band, Bellhouse Road WMC, Shiregreen
Heavy Load, The Railway Hotel, Knottingley (5pm)
LIONFEST, The Lion, Castleford
Live Wire + 2 Out Of 3 + Rock Legacy + The Carnival + Ten Foot Dolls + Vexed, The Arena, Worksop (tickets £10/£12)
Metalworks, LIONFEST, The Lion, Castleford
MoJo, Crimea Tavern, Castleford (5pm)
One Fat Spider, Boot & Shoe, Ackworth
Pure Harmony, Barnsley Trades, Barnsley
The Rakkiteers, The Spencer's Arms, Barugh Green
The Unforgiven, New Barrack Tavern, Sheffield
TopGun, LIONFEST, The Lion, Castleford

Monday 27 August 2007
2 Out Of 3, Ashfield WMC, Kendray (night)
One Fat Spider, BARNSTOCK, The Polish Club, Pogmoor
Optic Nerve,
BARNSTOCK, The Polish Club, Pogmoor
Red, Ashfield WMC, Kendray (noon)
Rock Legacy, Spit WMC
, Thurnscoe (tickets £2) (3pm)
The Rakkiteers,
BARNSTOCK, The Polish Club, Pogmoor (2pm)
The Rakkiteers, Northfield Hotel, South Kirby (9pm)
BARNSTOCK, The Polish Club, Pogmoor

Thursday 30 August 2007
Red Hot Chilli Powder, SNAFU Bar, Rotherham
Showaddywaddy, Chicago Rock Cafe, Barnsley

Friday 31 August 2007
2 Out Of 3, Lane Top WMC, Sheffield
Mr Chief, Barnsley Trades, Barnsley
Kinky Monkey, Crimea Tavern, Castleford
Rockabilly Rebels, The Lion, Castleford
Rock Legacy, Bellhouse Road WMC, Shiregreen
Scooby, SNAFU Bar, Rotherham
Sour Mash, The Broadfield Hotel, Sheffield
StageFright, Rossington Labour Club, Doncaster
Superfly, Ashfield WMC, Kendray
The Rakkiteers, Coach & Horses, Barnsley

Saturday 1 September 2007

Immaculate, Barnsley Trades, Barnsley
Razor Angels, The Lion, Castleford
Red Mosquito, Silver Fox, Stocksbridge
Rock Legacy, Skellow Grange WMC, Skellow
Shrine of the Monkey, SNAFU Bar, Rotherham
Suite Zero, Crimea Tavern, Castleford
The Rakkiteers, Hermit Inn, Barnsley
The Tourettes, Bellhouse Road WMC, Shiregreen
Van Hooligan, The Ship, Royston

Sunday 2 September 2007
Big City, Bellhouse Road WMC, Shiregreen
Black Rising, Spencer's Arms, Barugh Green (5pm)
CoAst, The Chequerfield Hotel, Pontefract

Export, Crimea Tavern, Castelford (5pm)
Larger Than Life, Barnsley Trades, Barnsley
Scooby, The Lion, Castleford (7pm)

Wednesday 5 September 2007
While She Sleeps, The Boardwalk, Sheffield

Friday 7 September 2007
2 Out Of 3,
Bellhouse Road WMC, Shiregreen
Bangkok Messiahs of Groove, SNAFU Bar, Rotherham
Blackout, Spencer's Arms, Barugh Green
Free Spirit, The Lion, Castleford
Measels, Crimea Tavern, Castleford
Rock Legacy, Rockaholics, Hoyland
The Rakkiteers, Norman Inn, Monk Bretton

Saturday 8 September 2007
Black Abba, Crimea Tavern, Castleford
CoAst, Chequerfield Hotel, Pontefract
Desliver, SNAFU Bar, Rotherham
Fireworx, Barnsley Trades, Barnsley
Fritenite, Mexborough Main WMC, Mexborough
Mr Chief, Birdwell WMC, Barnsley
Resurgence, Bellhouse Road WMC, Shiregreen
Rock Legacy, Ashfield WMC, Kendray
Riff Raff, The Lion, Castleford
Sour Mash, Klondyke WMC, Royston
The Basement, The Ship, Royston
TopGun, Ings Lane Sports & Social Club, Bolton upon Dearne

Sunday 9 September 2007
Black Rising, Boot & Shoe, Ackworth (5pm)
Blue Flies, Crimea Tavern, Castleford (5pm)
Charlie Don't Surf, The Lion, Castleford (7pm)
Jaycy, Barnsley Trades, Barnsley
Showmaddymaddy, Bellhouse Road WMC, Shiregreen
While She Sleeps, Under the Boardwalk, Sheffield

Wednesday 12 September 2007
The Phil Brodie Band, Woodseats Hotel, Sheffield

Friday 14 September 2007

3 Daze Lost, Crimea Tavern, Castleford
Alcatraz, Bellhouse Road WMC, Shiregreen
Blackout, Rockaholics, Hoyland
Black Rising, The Mallard, Doncaster
Girl Kills Boy, The Lion, Castleford
One Fat Spider, New Mason's Arms, Mexborough
Red Mosquito, West Street Live, Sheffield
Rock Legacy, Albion Road WMC, Rotherham
Wee Willy Harris, Birdwell WMC, Barnsley
Zero Damage, SNAFU Bar, Rotherham

Saturday 15 September 2007
Blitz, The Ship, Royston
Cold Gin, SNAFU Bar, Rotherham
Crazy Nights, Bellhouse Road WMC, Shiregreen
Do$ch, New Barrack Tavern, Sheffield
Fade2Black, The Moon, Sheffield
Free Spirit, Crimea Tavern, Castleford
Jagged Edge, Barnsley Trades, Barnsley
Jonny 2 Bad, Birdwell WMC, Barnsley
Mr Chief, Polish Club, Pogmoor
Rock Legacy, Rawmarsh Trades & Labour, Rawmarsh
The Erics, The Lion, Castleford
TopGun, Ranbrook Social Club, Pontefract

Sunday 16 September 2007
Crazy Chix, Barnsley Trades, Barnsley

Gun Law, Crimea Tavern, Castleford (5pm)
Kanvas, Bellhouse Road WMC, Shiregreen (check with venue)
Kanvas, The Tavern, Denaby Main (check with venue)
Van Hooligan, The Lion, Castleford (7pm)

Thursday 20 September 2007
Graham Oliver, Barnsley East Dene, Barnsley (+ Heroes) (tickets £2)

Friday 21 September 2007
Heavy Load, The Mallard, Doncaster
Resurgence, New Mason's Arms, Mexborough

Shrine of the Monkey, The Lion, Castleford
The Morning After, SNAFU Bar, Rotherham
The Tourettes, Crimea Tavern, Castleford
TopGun, Spencer's Arms, Barugh Green
Twin Lizzy,
Bellhouse Road WMC, Shiregreen

Saturday 22 September 2007
Black Rising, The Ship, Royston
Blitz, The Innings, Worksop
GDI Band, The Railway, Knottingley
Gun Law, The Lion, Castleford (7pm)

Housequake, Barnsley Trades, Barnsley
Jagged Edge, Royston
Rhombus, No 10 Dickens Bar, Rotherham

The Brew, Crimea Tavern, Castleford (5pm)
True Brit, Bellhouse Road WMC, Shiregreen
Tumbling Dice, SNAFU Bar, Rotherham

Sunday 23 September 2007
Ebony Jane, Barnsley Trades, Barnsley
Flood Damage, Crimea Tavern, Castleford (5pm)
Men's Club,
Bellhouse Road WMC, Shiregreen
The Prowlers, The Lion, Castleford (7pm)

Wednesday 26 September 2007
Sour Mash, Woodseats Hotel, Sheffield

Thursday 27 September 2007
Dio Rising, The Diamond, Sutton in Ashfield

Friday 28 September 2007
CoAst, Spencer's Arms, Barugh Green

Highway 49, Crimea Tavern, Castleford
Meltdown, Bellhouse Road WMC, Shiregreen
Metalworks, The Mallard, Doncaster

Route 66, SNAFU Bar, Rotherham
Spunksters, The Lion, Castleford
The Unforgiven, New Inn, Sheffield
TopGun, Barnsley Trades, Barnsley

Saturday 29 September 2007
Alcatraz, Carcroft Village Club, Carcroft
Almaboobies, Crimea Tavern, Castleford

Billy Black Band, Barnsley Trades, Barnsley
Blackout, The Ship, Royston
Charlie Don't Surf, SNAFU Bar, Rotherham

Fade2Black, Riverside Cafe Bar, Sheffield
Red Mosquito,
Bellhouse Road WMC, Shiregreen
Sidewinder, The Lion, Castleford
Storyteller's Night, Klondyke WMC, Royston
The Rakkiteers, Beggar & Gentleman, Hoyland
Twin Lizzy, Birdwell WMC, Barnsley

Sunday 30 September 2007
Active Edge, Barnsley Trades, Barnsley
Alcatraz, Firth Park WMC, Sheffield
Black Rising, The Lion, Castleford (7pm)

Mad Manners, Bellhouse Road WMC, Shiregreen
Undercover, Crimea Tavern, Castleford (5pm)

Saturday 6 October 2007
Street Legal, The Tavern, Denaby Main


Rock Legacy, Coronation WMC, 14 July 2007


Full Band Review

Read my full StageFright review on Rock of the North here.

Read my full Jagged Edge review here.
Read my full TopGun review here.


Mr Chief, Barnsley Trades, 18 May 2007

No Quarter, Bellhouse Road, 18 May 2007

Pictures courtesy of Steve Lally and Rock of the North.


Full Band Review + Band Feedback

Read my full Jagged Edge review on RotN here.

M of the Mighty Evan sent me this message:

I'm M, vocalist from Mighty Evan who played at the Crimea in Cas last Thursday night. I wondered if you could just put a few words on your website for us giving out thanks?

Thanks to Jim Duggan for his hospitality and generosity, Stig for his sound maintenence abilities, Malc Shippman for moving heaven and earth to get us to the show (huge thanks Malc), Len for persuading Jim to get us the gig, No Mercy for Percy for supporting us and finally A HUGE FOOKIN THANK YOU TO EVERYBODY WHO ATTENDED OUR VERY FIRST GIG IN CASTLEFORD (AND I'M SURE IT WONT BE OUR LAST).

We were very pleased with the Crimea and definitly would be interested in playing there again, great atmosphere.

Lead vocals
Mighty Evan



Where did you end up this weekend and what kind of time did you have? Tell us all about it in the guestbook, and paste copies on here in the comments section too.

On Friday I went to see Topgun at Bellhouse Road. This was my first time seeing these guys and it was great to see Angie on bass with her own band. Musically and individually they all sounded great, but sound can sometimes be a problem at Bellhouse while bands get used to it, and I'd love to see Topgun again at a different venue where the sound might be better for them. Saying that, they were very entertaining and looked as though they really enjoyed themselves. They started with an excellent segue from Pinball Wizard into Whiskey in the Jar, and it was good to hear little-played tunes such as Stairway to Heaven (NOT the Rolf Harris version), Empty Rooms and, my personal favourite for tonight, From Out of Nowhere, by Faith No More.

Unfortunately, it appears that a certain monkey played around with my camera and I couldn't understand why every picture seemed to have camera shake on it. Even leaning on a sturdy table with said monkey holding firmly onto my shoulders didn't do the trick, and I couldn't work out what was wrong. Then, when I got my camera into daylight it looked as though it had been accidentally knocked onto a slower shutter speed. That means no pictures this time out, unless you want to see 3 front people with blurry heads ...

On Saturday I should have been Chiefing at The Polish Club, but I had to retire to bed instead with a hot water bottle. I hope Mr Chief had a great gig.

On Sunday I was staying in anyway.



Where did you end up this bank holiday weekend, and what kind of time did you have? Post your comments in the guestbook and paste them here in the comments section too if you wish.

On Friday I went to see Alexander's Palace at Bellhouse Road WMC and while I do enjoy seeing this band, I was a little bit disappointed with the new material. I didn't recognise all of it, which isn't a problem as far as I'm concerned, but he did lump quite a few together of the same tempo. Alex's The Hunter is still the best version I've ever heard, but I do wish he'd interact more with the audience, or at least speak to them. It was nice to meet and have a chat with Dave, which is the first time I've ever spoken to anyone in this band. Great atmosphere at Bellhouse as ever.

On Saturday I stayed in. I can usually only afford to go out twice in one weekend, and this week I had the bank holiday to pay for too.

On Sunday it was off to Farm Road Social Club in Barnsley for my first ever airing of StageFright. Everyone told me this band would be a bit like Cafe, and they are, a bit. You can never go wrong with a Journey-free night in my book, so this band already have a head start. It was great to meet the rest of the lads and hear less frequently played material such as Disco 2000 and Sit Down. There are some experienced members in this band who are providing the stability for the younger members. They're already good, and they're going to get better.

Bank holiday Monday saw me at the BEER MONSTERS OF ROCK festival at the Crimea Tavern in Castleford. I would have been there at 2.30pm had I not received some duff directions from the pub. Even so, when I walked in Blackout were already playing, but still found time to say hello to me, and I'd not met a single one of them at this point. I enjoyed this bunch of tattooed leather-clad loonies who love their mums (that's right, isn't it Tim?), and I will see them again.

Next up were The Erics, a punk-rocking fun-loving foursome who swear a lot. They played stuff by The Clash and The Buzzcocks as well as by Pink Floyd and they had a right ol' larf between them. I'll see these again too.

Then it was time for Dio Rising (despite the advert saying it would be Black Rising), who play everything I love in rock music. Dio, Rainbow, Sabbath. Just like Ronseal, it does exactly what it says on the tin. These guys were playing a brilliant Stargazer when I had to leave ... but I will definitely see them again, especially as they've recently played one of my old haunts in Sheldon in Birmingham.

I missed Heavy Load, but this was a great gig anyway and possibly the best day's entertainment since my last Monsters of Rock at Donnington in 1983. I'll be back at the Sunset Strip in Cas Vegas for more of the same in the near future. Thanks to Steve RotN for looking after me and trying to introduce me to every single person in that tightly packed little room.

Highlights of the weekend: There are so many it's hard to choose. However, meeting Dave of Alexander's Palace, meeting ALL of Blackout, and meeting the rest of StageFright are all up there. But the best part was when Geezer of Blackout suddenly announced over the mic that he had to say hello to Diane and wave in my general direction. He made me feel very welcome in a strange place. Don't believe what they tell you. These guys are lovely.